The Clissold family have been associated with Mount Seaview since the early fifties. They produce prime grass feed beef (without using hormones) on the 3000 acre property.

In the early 70’s beef had experienced a prolonged period of poor returns. Friends had stayed and camped on the edges of the constantly flowing Hastings and word spread of the beauty that was to be found in and around the property.

A few facilities were added to create a camp site. Some of the visitors were teachers and they saw opportunities to use Seaview as a location to take students to experience out of classroom studies that included studying they river, weather station, beef cattle production, sub- tropical rainforest, forestry and history of area.

Bunk houses were constructed at the campsite and visitor numbers grew.

In the late seventies the business needed more accomodation and the lodge and self catering area was constructed where mount seaview resort now stands. In the early eighties the motel rooms were added and both campers and visitors looking for extra comfort could experience the beauty of the area.

In the nineties additional rooms, restaurant and conference facilities were added. In 2000 the Clissold’s sold the resort. In 2013 the property was repurchased and is operational whilst undergoing refurbishment.

Mount Seaview Resort